Shape can be changed at will an unlimited number of times

Our completely original collar stiffeners are thin, flexible pieces of metal coated in silicon rubber. Featuring a new, soft feel, these stiffeners expand and bend collars to produce a variety of looks. Because they can also hold form, you’ll never again need to worry about wasting time in front of the mirror desperately trying to smooth or shape your collar.

Attention to materials and form

Our collar stiffeners are 100% Japanese-made and born from Japanese manufacturing techniques.

  • Superior heat-resistance: Tough enough to resist damage during ironing (heat-resistant up to 200℃).
  • Lightweight: 1/3 the weight of traditional stainless steel collar stiffeners (approx. 1g).
  • Carefully calculated shape: A streamlined design able to fit any and all shirts with collar stiffener pockets.
  • Superior surface structure: Easily inserted but won’t fall out; will not damage or spoil the cloth of shirts.

Rich colors and prints that won’t fade

Our collar stiffeners feature prints and variations that take advantage of silicon rubber’s unique characteristics. As a hidden accessory, you can mix and match both shirt and collar stiffener to your heart’s content based on your mood on a given day. Even if you choose to match a vividly colored collar stiffener with a lightly colored shirt, the color of the stiffener will not show through. The logo and length of our stiffeners are also specially printed to ensure that the colors will never fade.

Two lines to choose from

The Business Line features stainless steel bodies and are a bit stiff. A restricted flexibility makes them ideal for business settings. The Casual Line and its aluminum bodies are soft and recommended for fashion aficionados looking to experiment or play around with their collars. (Both weigh approx. 1g and are approx. 0.7mm thick)

Utility model: Registration number 3149149

  • Due to the extreme flexibility of this product, forcing it into an incompatibly sized space may result in damage.
  • Bending the same area repeatedly into an acute angle may result in damage. Normal usage should not cause problems, but please be careful to avoid excessive bending.